RW Yachts designed and built by Rolf Wefers

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RW Yachts designed by Rolf Wefers


 RW 20 Jolle RW16 RW22 RW26 RW29s RW32 Rw9,9  



Boatbuilder Rolf Wefers has been delightening owners with his various yacht designs since 1980. At his shipyard on the Lower Rhine, he built his RW series in classic styles, expressed in long overhangs and accentuated slender hull forms. The german magazine `Yacht` tested the very successful RW26 and concludes: ‘.. a ship full of character that looks great and sails excellently’.  


Almost all yachts built within the RW series are unique pieces. They have been made individually in collaboration with the future owners, with great care and passion, and at 95% by hand.


By the use of modern materials like stainless steel for the keels and fiberglass-reinforced plastic for the hulls, the vessels get their captivating appearance, with no requirement for intense maintenance. Our vast list of accessories includes state-of-the-art electric engines for all kinds of harbor manoeuvers or as support at calm winds. Therefore, a RW Yacht stands for timeless elegance and the perfect combination of modern technology and tradition. RW’s are classic yachts afloat presenting modern constructions under water. Passion for detail from the start.



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With or without cabin, end-to-end or split cockpit, teak or larch-mahogany wood on deck – RW Yachts offer a wide range of possibilities to give way to the individual wishes and needs of their owners. Have a look at the various yacht-types on the following pages.


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